How to find a job in 30 days


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This book is organised in such a way as to help readers commit to following a 30-day challenge, focussing on just one topic per day.

Checking out your internet presence, using social media sites to stand out from the crowd, learning to write a CV and how to behave in a job interview are just some of the tasks we address on each of the 30 days of this challenge.

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An interesting innovation for this book is the website that accompanies it. At the end of each chapter there is a link that will take the reader to the “Visual chapters” section of the site www.job30days.com, where you will find images to help clarify the instructions in the book: http://job30days.com/visual-chapters.

For more information go to: www.job30days.com

Looking for a job?

You’ll like these tips from the author of the book “How to find a job in 30 days“:

Be under no illusion!

Be under no illusion, employers receiving your CV will type your name and email address into search engines like Google and if they find nothing interesting about you, but do find loads of fascinating information about other candidates applying for the same vacancy, who do you think will have the upper hand in those vital first few seconds of looking at CVs?

So… there is no point in sending your CV to companies before you have a strong and coherent presence on the Internet.

So how is this book organised?

It is laid out so you can work on one topic per day.

Check your web presence, create a profile on the professional network LinkedIn, use Facebook to stand out from the crowd, learn to write a CV, develop strategies to avoid secretaries on the phone and how to behave in a job interview. These are just a few of the things I’ll be covering in the 30 days of the challenge.

The book “How to find a job in 30 days” also has this website www.job30days.com, where you can access up-to-date information and find resources to help you organise your contacts list and download attractive CV models, among other things. All the information is regularly updated on the site and on social media.

At the end of each day of the challenge, you will find a link to a practical webpage dealing with the topic of the chapter you have just read. Each page on the site has instructions with images which complement the text, making what is in the book more visual and easier to follow.

Take a look at the chapters of the book and the links where you will find the images I mentioned earlier:

Day 1 – What do you look like on the Internet?

Day 2 – Your Facebook profile

Day 3 – Your Google+ profile

Day 4 – Setting up a profile on LinkedIn

Day 5 – Creating a network of contacts on LinkedIn

Day 6 – Recommended daily reading

Day 7 – Sharing useful content on social networks

Day 8 – Why does everything keep changing…?

Day 9 – Read inspiring books

Day 10 – Check everything you have created so far

Day 11 – Create an email signature & standard texts

Day 12 – Decide what you want to do

Day 13 – Define where you want to be in 5 years’ time

Day 14 – Create your own business card

Day 15 – Learn to break the ice with strangers

Day 16 – Tips for getting noticed

Day 17 – Prepare and practise your elevator pitch

Day 18 – Follow companies on social media

Day 19 – Make a list of the companies you want to contact

Day 20 – Write your CV and a covering letter

Day 21 – Write to companies by e-mail

Days 22 a 27 – Replicate good habits

Day 28 – Call companies

Day 29 – You’ve been called for interview… now what?

Day 30 – Get ready for the interview

Your first day at work!

You have probably thought about trying to lose weight, giving up smoking or learning something new. But you never got round to it, so you didn’t see the results you were hoping for.

There is a Chinese proverb that goes like this:

“The best day to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best day is today!”

Today is a great day to start something new, so commit to this 30-day challenge and share the results with me by email at: info@job30days.com or on social media.

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